5 Mobile Apps To Help You Pass The CPA Exam

Those of us who are digitally inclined understand the value of working smarter, not harder.  Proper preparation for the CPA Exam can be very expensive.  Technological competence can place you ahead of the curve on test day.  

Use your mobile device to access thousands of pages of information to assist you in your studies.  Here is a short overview of some of the most popular CPA preparation applications for iOS and Android devices.  Sort through some suggestions, and choose what you think might best fit your individual learning style.  

Surgent CPA Review

The Surgent CPA Review App is free for iOS and Android devices.  The app offers over 2,000 unique flashcards to quiz your accounting knowledge.  Surgent has a 5-star approval rating in the Google App store, and it will not take long to see why. 

Surgent’s review app is one of the only CPA review services to offer users a complete set of study flashcards for all four sections of the CPA Exam.  Students exert far too much energy trying to piece together all of the study material.  The comprehensive quality of the app is worth the download.  Plus, it is free!

CPA Exam Flashcards

This mobile app is extensive and awesome.  It teaches through mnemonics, terminology, and an assortment of other creative learning mechanisms.  CPA Exam Flashcards are easily accessed on the go, and perfect for the fast-paced life of a student.  

The app allows users to customize their study sessions and offers over 1,000 unique flashcards.  There are almost 200 cards for the AUD, REG, and BEC sections, and nearly 400 for the most daunting FAR.  The application is available free of charge for iOS users.  

Becker CPA

Becker CPA has a unique study companion that offers more intricate information processing options than merely an assortment of flashcards.  Becker provides over 2,500 unique multiple choice questions.  While flashcards are great for memorization, they can stifle your ability to thoroughly absorb concepts.  

The Becker CPA application is available for iOS and Android users free of charge.  The app has a sync function as well that will sync all of your course progress and study information across multiple devices for ease of access.  


AUD Notes Wiley CPA

Wiley CPA produces several exam prep applications for iOS and Android users.  AUD Notes is one of many individual applications that goes in depth on the AUD part of the exam.  

For just one section of the test, you can sift through hundreds of flashcard, challenge yourself with problem solving, terms, rules and regulations.  The simple invocations of the app’s design are enough to invest in this line of study supplements.

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