A More Productive Way to Procrastinate

There’s a reason why even the Pro and Enterprise versions of the most popular operating systems like Windows have those age old games built into them, like the Solitaire Suite alongside the likes of Minesweeper, Tri-Peaks, Pyramid, etc. It’s because these are the favourite tools for procrastination, isn’t it?

I’m surely not the only one who sometimes gets my mind “into gear” with one or two games of Solitaire, or perhaps even FreeCell for a greater challenge, before I get working or get back to my work?

As you’ll know, these are fundamentally the most basic of games you can get and yet they’ve stood the test of time, surviving through the ages to make it back to the featured games in the case of those which have previously been done away with. Yes, there are indeed more interactive games which are richer in their features, but for something like a five minute break in the office you wouldn’t really want to play something like the Candy Crush Saga, would you? FreeCell, free online solitaire, and similar games appear to be perfectly suited for what can undoubtedly be a very effective way to procrastinate.

I mean my mind definitely feels a little bit refreshed after a nice, challenging game of FreeCell, leaving me ready to go again and knock it out the park with regards to the work I still have to finish. The net effect is that the otherwise seemingly frivolous tasks of playing those built-in games results in decent productivity.

We should not shy away from calling it what it is though and that’s procrastinating. When you’re busy with any other task apart from that which you know you need to get done, like playing games on your computer, you’re doing nothing other than procrastinating, aren’t you?

Now, to take things a bit further than the net productivity effect which can be claimed as a justification for this type of procrastination, there is a much more productive way to procrastinate and it simply entails substituting what are otherwise invariably frivolous tasks with tasks that have the potential to bring in more value in the long run.

For example, in sticking with the working-world’s most loved procrastination channel of playing card games like your Solitaires, FreeCell, etc, pretty much any card game in existence is a variation of Poker in some or other way. Consequently, if you enjoy the likes of Solitaire and FreeCell you will probably enjoy online casino games in their many variations even more, even if they’re not all related to card games or Poker. In fact, even the popular games of old are being turned into newer versions that can be played online, like this bitcoin minesweeper that can be played with zero risk and all the excitement of the old-school game. Although as kids we never really did understand how to navigate this bomb-filled mine, we are much smarter now and can do so, and maybe even to our monetary advantage. So, why not be more productive with your procrastination exploits by placing bets with real money on online casinos as a means through which to refresh your mind?

The mere deployment of something like a Borgata Online Casino Bonus Code is a great way to achieve this because not only do you stand to win some good money back for essentially playing games online, but you actually get yourself more credit to bet with, which effectively increases your chances of winning and winning big.

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