3 Ways Technology Is Improving Real Estate

Technology has slowly crept into every single aspect of our lives without us even being aware of it omnipresence. It became an integral part of every business niche, and real estate agencies are no exception. However, this business field has only recently started truly implement technology in their business operations. The good thing is that […]

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Different Ways Being a Tech-Savvy Business Owner Helps

It is always interesting to follow the latest market developments, especially in certain industries. We see startup news every day and it can be very exciting, especially when the news is about newly-discovered unicorns or companies introducing fresh new products. Rory ThomasHey, I’m Rory and I am the ultimate accidental geek. Born in London I […]

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Tips on how to be more secure on the internet

The media nowadays is full of stories about cyber criminals hacking and stealing personal information from devices. It makes us think about how much do we really put online and what are we actually storing on our computer. Would we really be at a loss if someone saw our holiday snaps in Ibiza? Probably not, […]

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Security: Do I need to take extra measures?

Keeping your personal information secure is very important, especially in this day in age when people in authority are telling us that we should even have our webcams covered with paper when they aren’t in use. But is this all just a big scare? Cyber crime is becoming more and more common as technology advances […]

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Tips on buying a new laptop


With the amount of electricity brands and manufacturers that are around at the moment, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with choice when trying to find something new, whether that be tablets, phones or laptops. Instead of being able to go out and buy the bog standard product, spending money on something like a laptop needs […]

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Review: Norton Security

Norton Security

Norton Security is probably one of the more well-known security software that are available to keep your devices protected. Norton offers to protect your PC’s, Mac’s and mobile devices for a year on a tiered price basis, depending on what you want from your security software. Usually, there is some form of discount if you […]

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