Marketing After Coronavirus

It’s hard to think of anything that has upended our lives more than Coronavirus. From the implementation of social distancing, the shutting down of pubs and restaurants and the sheer amount of people who have become ill as a result of this awful virus. With the UK and some parts of the world looking to get back to normal, it’s going to be fascinating to see how marketing agencies and businesses get their name out there once lockdown is lifted. In this blog, Cal Morris an SEO executive at Manchester-based agency Embryo Digital looks at some of the ways marketing will be different.

Marketing In 2020 After Coronavirus

Brands Can No Longer Shy Away From The News

Brands are becoming more and more human with each passing year and this lockdown period has really highlighted the importance for them to recognise the plight people are in. This trend should continue if brands want to retain a high level of trust and customer loyalty. If they are seen to empathise and understand what people are going through then this is likely to bring long-term success. SEO service providers are accustomed to working remotely, meeting online and can develop key online marketing strategies without a face to face meeting.

Ensure You Have Agile Marketing Practices

Time has flown by in 2020, less than 4 months ago we were living our lives completely normally, unaware that a pandemic was on the horizon, about to upturn our lives. It’s vital that going forward, companies have marketing practices in place that can adapt if a second wave occurs and we go into lockdown once again.

Show Your Kinder Side

While not providing an immediate upturn in sales, showing the kinder side to your company will help embedded brand loyalty and notoriety going forward. Lots of companies have used their talents to try and tell authentic stories about how their staff or customers have been affected. Others have put on great events that help raise money for important causes that have been affected.

Give, Give, Give

Doing the right thing is always the right thing. Brands are giving back via donations because it can help grow brand recognition but more importantly, it’s just a good thing to be doing. In this time we all need to pull together and brands have seen the benefit of showing how much they care. People are getting wise to fluffy marketing nonsense, they want to see real action in the form of money, so be ready to donate.

Don’t Stop!

Whatever you do, don’t stop marketing! This time we’re currently living through isn’t great but it will be over at some point in the next 12 months and brands should be wise to this. Stopping marketing now because you think it isn’t a priority will just damage you in the long term. Why? Because when it’s all over there are going to be a dozen or so competitors ahead of you who didn’t stop and are in a far better position.

Written By Callum Morris, an SEO Executive at Embryo Digital.

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