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3 Ways Technology Is Improving Real Estate

Technology has slowly crept into every single aspect of our lives without us even being aware of it omnipresence. It became an integral part of every business niche, and real estate agencies are no exception. However, this business field has only recently started truly implement technology in their business operations. The good thing is that […]

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How Would WannaCry Have Triggered GDPR Penalties?

When 25 May 2018 rolls around, businesses large and small across the United Kingdom are going to be bound by General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These regulations will be dramatically changing the requirements businesses need to meet to protect the personal data of their clients, customers, and employees, and fines for failing to meet them […]

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Small Business Cyber Security Statistics to Make You Take Action

Many business owners make the assumption that only larger organisations are targeted by malicious web users. However, recent research has demonstrated that smaller businesses are being targeted more frequently. One study showed small businesses targeted 18% of the time in 2011, 34% of the time during 2014, and a staggering 43% of the time during […]

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Tips on how to be more secure on the internet

The media nowadays is full of stories about cyber criminals hacking and stealing personal information from devices. It makes us think about how much do we really put online and what are we actually storing on our computer. Would we really be at a loss if someone saw our holiday snaps in Ibiza? Probably not, […]

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