Resources and Tips for Budding Applications Developers

As the need for new technology grows, so does the need for efficient coding. More businesses than ever are looking for effective python consulting services to improve their business operations, freelance or independent coders are making a good living from their coding abilities, and the number of jobs available to coders is only going to continue to grow. With this in mind, it’s only right that there should be resources on the internet to help those going for the jobs when preparing for the interview. For example, Tutorial Cup has hundreds of Java Interview Questions freely available to read, as well as answers, to make sure that those going for jobs working with that particular programming language will be well-prepared for any questions they may be asked.

Do you get paid to code? Are you working on a side-project or a main project while learning how to master coding? Whatever it is you do, here’s some stuff you should read:

If you’re serious about writing clean and maintainable code, read Code Complete by Robert C. Martin, the founder of the Python Programming Language. It isn’t a step by step tutorial, but it shows you why and how to write clean and maintainable code from beginning to end. This book is available as a PDF and even on the Kindle.

If you’re writing modern web applications (or even dark net guides) and using Python, read Django by Nick Belding. It shows you how to implement a web app for a Python program that runs on Unix or Windows.

If you’re working with the Web API ecosystem, read ActivePython by Geoffrey Gervais and Jeremy Weir. It focuses on providing a modern, solid framework and toolset for building APIs in Python. It includes a web API reference guide and it’s available on the Kindle and in PDF.

If you’re just starting out in web development, I’d recommend you read WIP by Daniel Roth. It’s a book of bug reports that explains how to fix bugs. You can learn how to write code that’s easy to understand and to maintain as you learn. Initially, you may need help in this department especially if you are trying to set up a website and don’t have all the skills just yet. Using resources such as Visual Objects can help get you up and running to continue on.

If you’re writing web applications, I’d highly recommend Building Web Applications by Fredric Pituit. It’s a book that shows you how to put all the pieces together and do real web applications. You can learn how to do everything from building web interfaces with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This book is available as a PDF.

If you’re using MySQL, PHP, or JavaScript as your web server or framework, you should read MySQL by Donald E. Knuth and MySQL MySQL Management Objects by Jim Leffingwell. These books are available as a PDF. These books are very thick. For example, MySQL MySQL by Knuth is over 1000 pages long. That’s too bad for me.

If you’re using Python to work on web apps, you should read Python Web Programming with Python by James Gettloff. This book shows you how to do things in Python like updating pages with AJAX and how to work with databases in Python. It includes Python syntax documentation and usage examples. This book is available in PDF.

If you’re not inspired to think about how platforms such as that new casino you saw coming online operate on a technical level, you should probably be looking at a different career path.

If you’re using Ruby or Ruby on Rails to develop web apps, read Ruby on Rails Fundamentals by Isaac Sharp. It focuses on Ruby itself and it shows you how to use it in both a web framework and even in your desktop applications. It’s available as a PDF.

If you’re writing web apps with Python, you should read Python in Action: Writing Web Applications in Python by Dan Ingber. This book focuses on how to build web applications using Python as your framework. It focuses on how to create a web app that runs on the web and it’s available in PDF.

If you’re trying to write a program that uses TCP/IP to connect to the web, you should read Understanding TCP/IP by John Napolitano. It’s about the basics of TCP/IP. It’s free and available as a PDF.

If you’re trying to write a web application that uses your laptop’s graphics card and it’s a Web API, you should read Visual Web Apps in Python by Richard Gehr.

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