Secure, solo and on the move

For many of us, working remotely and being on the road can be a common way of life so to be laden with a laptop, tablet, mobile phone and possibly paper files can make it cumbersome to be mobile. But what if you could downsize on how much you were carrying while ensuring all the information and data you held on you was secure?  Well of course you would say yes and it’s not as complicated as you think! What’s more, it is possible to access and transport data and still remain compliant with the GDPR regulations which came into play early last year.

The key is… Encryption.

Encryption remains a cornerstone of data protection and privacy within the GDPR guidelines and it is widely recognised that using encryption can reduce the negative impact on individuals and their data subjects, especially in the event of a laptop theft or hacker access to stored data. In any event, the encrypted data remains unusable. It can increase the effectiveness of data protection policies and reduce the cost of addressing problems such as theft or loss of your devices.

Safe to go solo

By ensuring you use the right type of USB stick that has endpoint encryption, the information is secure from the moment it is transferred onto the stick and you will be ready from the offset, wherever you might be going. Going to a firm like who stock the Safe to Go Solo® USB Drives can give you a complete package, whether you are buying in smaller denominations for personal use or larger quantities for giving protected documents out to clients, the Safe to Go Solo USB device looks to cover all eventualities. These clever little sticks will encrypt all data on computers and removable media (USB sticks/drives etc.), which includes any embedded information. They also extend encryption to third party data processors and enforce data protection code of conduct agreements.

Reliable access, anywhere

What about the instance when you want to connect to your iPad? Well that can be done too! By using one of the adaptors that are designed to connect a USB device into a lightning port, you can show photographs, videos, documents and much more straight from the USB stick instead of needing to rely on the strength of the Wi-Fi or the 3G/4G network that can leave that awkward pause with a client whilst images take forever to upload to their highest resolution or delayed scrolling through the various pages of a document.

So, it is possible to be secure while on the go. You can remain compliant with the latest GDPR and security protection rules and regulations. And, rest assured that if you ever lose your device, it’s encrypted, so you’re completely covered. The only other thing to check, it that you’ve got a back up of your all important data, but that’s another article entirely!

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