Some of the most interesting designs you can print on a wholesale canvas bag

When it comes to reusable bags, the base material and functionality is often uniform across the board, however with some creativity and a bit of ingenuity, you can create a product that your customers will love and use again and again in the future. Here are some of the most interesting designs you can print onto wholesale canvas bags and the situations in which they may be most applicable

  1. Funny text designs

Many retail stores go for purely visual designs on their wholesale canvas bags, sticking their brand and business name on there but nothing else. This may be a serious missed opportunity. Having a funny slogan or joke on your bag can seriously your customer’s engagement with the product. They will take notice of the design stands out and make a note to tell people about it and reuse it in the future. Make sure you are not just using text for the sake of it though, it has to have a purpose to be impactful from a marketing perspective.

  • Intricate paisley works well on tight canvas bags

When it comes to selecting the right design for the bag we recommend sticking to a well-known traditional style like Paisley. This recognizable pattern works well in a variety of different colours. However, make sure the style matches your companies branding. If you are more of a ‘minimalist’ company try to reflect this in the style of the wholesale canvas bag.

  • Incorporate your product offering into the bag

Getting some information across in your bag design is a good way to hit a couple of business goals. You can communicate deals and future offerings to your customers within a visually appealing design. Wholesale canvas bags are a good way to do this as not only are you giving your customers the product they have bought, but they also have to pay only a small amount more for a quality reusable bag.

You can also contact companies similar to Canvas Design or others, which can help you print on canvas for a low price and offer a wide range of canvas print shapes and sizes that can transform any ordinary canvas into a true masterpiece.

  • Designs that involve the canvas bag handle

Many businesses are not maximizing the creative potential of printing onto wholesale canvas bags. If you have a quality handle on the bag, use it as part of the design. This will illustrate your businesses creativity and create a talking point for customers both inside and outside the store.

Find a company that can print high-quality wholesale canvas bag designs

Once you have the print design in mind for your wholesale canvas bag, it is time to get in contact with potential suppliers to work with. Have a browse at some reusable bag supplier websites. If they proudly display products with intricate and creative designs then you can take this as an indicator that they are good business to order from.

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