Three Sectors to Train for a Career in if You’re an Avid Gamer

For many of us, gaming isn’t just a way to kill time, it’s a serious interest, or even an obsession! If you are a keen gamer who spends a significant amount of their time playing games, thinking about games, and staying up to date on news from the games industry, then it could be well worth integrating your passion into your future career plans and studying for a career path where you’ll get to spend your working time getting more from your interest in gaming too and make sure you use this to search jobs on CVVid.

Here are three sectors you could consider, all of which have lots of different roles and jobs that require all different levels of training and education. For more information about what to study and average salaries and growth in specific jobs, check out Quality Education And Jobs.

Game Development

For some people, the holy grail of being passionate about gaming is to actually make their own games. This can mean working for a major game development company as a designer, programmer, writer or tester, or perhaps wearing all of those hats and starting your own indie game development project. There are so many roles in the games production industry that you are bound to find something to suit you with a development company, from character design or story writing to coding or voice acting! You may even find that you’re good at solving issues that arise in development processes. For instance, you may know Xsolla can solve a payment security issue you were having on your project, and implementing it helps streamline the process. Or, you could bring in some new gameplay mechanic that makes a new release really stand out. Naturally, the most technical jobs can take a lot of study to be qualified for, so you’ll want to decide on a path before college unless you are retraining for a second career or have a lot of experience as a self-taught developer and some projects under your belt.

Games Journalism

If you don’t think you’d like making games as much as playing and analyzing them, then writing about gaming or making videos about it is another way to have a career that relates to your passion. Roles in this sector range from traditional games journalism, working for major magazines or websites, through to running your own blog or YouTube channel. You may also be able to work as a freelance writer with a focus on gaming, or work for a games company on the communications side, working on things like press releases and marketing, or on documentation related to a game such as the manual or player guide.

Games Retail

Another career path you could choose is in the retail industry, for instance working in or managing a major games retail store or working in ecommerce. Retail is a good choice if you like the idea of working face to face with other gamers and helping them choose the right products, and also like to keep up to date on the latest news from the gaming industry. There are jobs in games retail at all levels, from regional management through to casual in-store jobs.

As you can see, there are all kinds of different careers where a love of gaming can be used to your advantage!

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