Why Should You Invest in a Business-Grade Wi-Fi Network?

As your business grows, you should start to think about investing in a business-grade Wi-Fi network instead of sticking with the off-the-shelf package you’ve probably been using up until now. You might balk at the added expense when your current network is running just fine, but you should be won over after experiencing the benefits.

If you have an in-house IT team, or have partnered with an It support company to provide managed services to you, then consult with them regarding your business’ network speeds and whether you need to upgrade. Most of the times, they too would advise upgrading speeds, if they had not suggested so previously.

Here are just a few reasons why you should make the upgrade.

Superior Speed

A business-grade Wi-Fi network will be a real workhorse. Using hardware and software designed to handle high bandwidth use across multiple devices at once, speed should never be a problem when you opt for business-grade. If you want to take part in a video chat with a client on the other side of the world while your team collaborates online on an ongoing project, you’ll be free to do so without worrying about the connection speed dropping. That peace of mind alone is worth the cost of upgrading for most business owners.

Enhanced Security

IT security has never been more important. Unfortunately, businesses are frequently targeted by malicious web users, and the consequences of a security breach can be catastrophic. A business-grade Wi-Fi network will have been designed to cope with advanced security threats. A stronger variety of safeguards will be fitted, so you’ll be far less likely to suffer any security issues. Network troubleshooting solutions (like the kind mentioned at https://www.netbraintech.com/solution/troubleshooting/) should be enabled to avoid network-related issues.

Proper Compliance

Staying compliant is becoming even more important. With laws set to change next year, you could find yourself facing stiff penalties if you don’t handle data correctly. If you don’t use a business-grade Wi-Fi network, you could find yourself in hot water. Additionally, you may find that using other networks for your business invalidates your license agreements, and that in itself could incur considerable fines.

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