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My name is Rory, and I am the Accidental Geek.

The Accidental Geek started many years ago after I decided to put my ‘useless’ knowledge and love of all things tech related to good use.

Throughout my school years, I never paid that much attention in class, never had an interest in IT and never really paid too much attention to social networks or the coolest latest gadget. But this all changed when I got a part-time job working at the Genius Bar of Apple.

My love for all things tech blossomed and before my three-month probation was up, I was fluent in geek. I worked at Apple throughout the duration of my university years and really think the friends I made and experiences I had gained set me on the path I am on today.

I am lucky enough to run The Accidental Geek full-time and have a hardworking team of tech writers to support me.

Like I said, I am an accidental geek, I wasn’t your typical nerd growing up, I didn’t spend hours in front of the computer and I certainly don’t know how to write code but I have grown to appreciate modern technology and within this blog, you’ll find all you need to know. From reviews of the latest tech gadgets to starting your own blog and ensuring your home is secure though the most innovative technology, I try to cover it all.

The Accidental Team has grown from just myself in my bedroom when I was working at the Apple store to four of us who work out of a dedicated office in central Brighton. The success of Accidental Geek has blown me away and I feel very fortunate to be in a position to give others advice and do something I truly love.

Meet the team below;

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Tim is a 24-year-old IT graduate with a passion for all things tech and is happiest when reviewing the newest gaming gadgets. Tim’s favourite gadget of 2017 has to be the Google Home, an impressive take on the Amazon Echo but that bit cooler.

Geeky Gadget: Drones

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Peter a trained graphic designer with 10 years’ experience working for some of the most influential technology companies in the UK. The interesting thing about Peter is that he is originally from Chicago and spent 2 weeks when he was 16 interning at Facebook in Silicon Valley (cool, right).

Geeky Gadget: iPad Pro

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Laura is our social media superstar with a flair for coding. Laura joined us only four months ago but has fit in well, contributing to our articles on web development and back-end coding so if you have any burning WordPress questions, Laura is your girl!

Geeky Gadet: Atom!

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Neil is my partner in crime and former lawyer turned tech geek. I have known Neil for over 20 years and like to think I tempted him away from the boring 9-5 and into the world of tech blogging. Neil is your guy for any security or insurance tech needs! He’s also a big Man U fan so please don’t judge him!

Geeky Gadet: FitBit

I love to hear from readers so if you have anything you’d like to ask me or the team, need some advice or have a review you would like to submit, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.