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The world of computers is one which is ever changing, fast paced and more often than not, quite complex.

Here at Accidental Geek, we are here to help you to understand the ins and outs of using a computer so we have pulled together the basic ins and outs for those who may be struggling.

Take a look at our computer guide for all you’d ever need to know about starting to use a computer.

Choosing Your Computer

If you’ve already had a look you’ll know that there are a whole host of computers on the market. From PC to Mac’s, laptops or desktops and then there is all the different makes so it can be hard to make a decision or know what is best for your needs.

The first step is to establish if you want a desktop or laptop by figuring out your needs, if you’ll always be in one place like an office when using or if you want something you can move with a lot. Next, you need to decide if you want a Mac or PC, there are some quite stark differences between the two in not only design and spec but also in cost.

Next, you need to establish how powerful you want it and how big of a hard drive you require, are you saving large files on it, do you need a lot of backup and good graphics card?

From here you can eliminate certain models but always ask if you’re not sure and read reviews online!

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Cyber Security

Computer security is something you should really invest in from the moment you purchase your computer. There are so many on the market which all have a different price range and different security outlay so do shop around.

These security programmes are very simple to use and just need to be installed, run a check and then they’ll do their thing in the background, saving your computer from viruses which can be very damaging.

To help your cyber security, stay of dodgy websites and don’t download anything you think looks suspicious.

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Installing Programmes

Depending on your needs for a computer, there will be different variants of programmes you need to install. The basics are Microsoft 365 which has Outlook, Word, Excel etc, an internet browser such as Chrome or Firefox and if you’re a creative Adobe which will have Photoshop, Indesign and so on. You may also require Skype or other online communication devices and of course security as mentioned above. These can all be simply downloaded by going to your browser and searching for them, waiting for them to download and install them, some of them you will need to pay for so please bear that in mind.

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Data Backup

It’s never wise to keep all of your documents in just one place so you need to regularly back up your computer.

Whether you have an external hard drive which you save to or regularly duplicate or you back everything up to the Cloud, you need to establish the best form of backing up your date for you!

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