5 Types Of Gaming That Are Ready To Explode

We’re at a very interesting point in the history of video games. Virtual reality has emerged in a big way, mobile phones and high-end consoles are getting more sophisticated, and developers are working feverishly to put out the best games they think of. Gameplay has also improved vastly, with hosting services like Fatality servers helping to speed up data transferral when playing online, making hosting games with friends fun rather than infuriating as it once was. There’s a lot going on, and it’s making the gaming industry more impressive across the board. It’s also bringing about a lot of changes, and it could mean that certain gaming genres are positioned to excel in new ways.

Here are five that look ready to explode due to the various shifts occurring in the industry.

Phone-Based Augmented Reality

When we hear about virtual or augmented reality, we immediately think of headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift. Apple has been notably absent from the playing field, but isn’t expected to be for much longer. Rumors indicate that Apple’s upcoming AR venture will debut in the iPhone first and only later through AR glasses. This strongly indicates that we’ll see phone-based AR on a large scale in the near future, which undoubtedly means we’re in some creative developments.

First Person Films

Virtual reality’s involvement with movies is inevitable, but we can’t say for sure what shape it’s going to take. There could be full films viewable in VR, or games based on movies that are played through VR. We’ve started to see something of a combination of these two ideas that could represent a whole new category of gaming. Movies like The Martian and Alien: Covenant have come out alongside interactive first person VR experiences that function almost like mini-game versions of scenes from the movies. Partially playable first person movies look like a budding genre with nearly endless potential.

Interactive Casino Gaming

Mobile casinos are becoming much more popular, and many can now be accessed whether you have an Android or iPhone, mobile or tablet. Games that have long worked on internet platforms have been adapted to these mobile devices to bring realistic casino gaming to the masses, but that’s not all. These games have also become significantly more interactive, featuring everything from in-game chat rooms to live video feeds of the dealers in real time. These are relatively new changes, and should help the genre to blow up in the coming years.

Educational Games

Just last month an article examining different types of mobile games recommended educational games for younger users. Educational gaming might be changing drastically in the future thanks to the emergence of virtual and augmented reality. A game can now take us into an environment to explore, which has implications for all different kinds of education. This can include showing off historical places, teaching anatomy, or even practicing surgery. Educational games could soon be popular for all age groups, and make learning more fun than ever before.

Racing Games

Racing games have always been popular, so this isn’t the most radical notion on the list. They may also be the games that work best on virtual reality. The fact that the player themselves aren’t moving, but the car they’re driving, is a perfect fit for VR. Movement issues are solved, but the environment can still be fully immersive.

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