Different Ways Pro Gamblers Earn Their Money

Those types of professional gamblers who dedicate most of their time to the mastery of the casino games they engage in do indeed exist, but they are very few amongst many other types of gamblers. The truth is even though you might have found a strategy that has you tallying up the winnings incrementally on games such as the roulette, these types of numbers-and-odds-based games get very boring, very quickly. So they may branch out into other gambling areas such as sports betting on websites similar to https://www.bangthebook.com/ or go for more international/local ones, switching up their routine and giving them a variety, however, that is a discussion for another time.

Anyway, this is why there’s a good variety in the ways through which professional gamblers earn their money. It typically doesn’t come exclusively from winnings, although that’s what many pro gamblers would like to have you believe.


I’ve already discussed winnings as the lead topic of this discussion, but winnings are worth mentioning again as a source for pro gamblers’ earnings. This is because what you can walk away with as part of your winnings is indeed what’s sold as the professional gambler’s dream. That’s what you’re aiming for if you want to be able to refer to yourself as a professional gambler.

It must be mentioned however that professional gamblers who consistently make a profit through betting on your iphone winnings each month don’t necessarily win big jackpots, if ever. The life of a pro gambler “at the office” resembles somewhat of a boring and tedious “data-entry” type of job where they constantly analyse the numbers and odds and align their bet-sizes to give themselves the best chance of notching up incremental, usually very small winnings.

A pro gambler doesn’t win those big jackpots the casinos show off every month, if ever!

Sponsorships and Endorsements

You’d have to go through a lot in your pro-gambling career to get to a stage where sponsors come knocking on your door to offer you endorsement deals, but that is indeed a popular way for pro gamblers to make money. Something as seemingly insignificant as wearing a t-shirt with a sponsoring online casinos URL printed on it typically has a lot more money changing hands than you may know.

Affiliate Commissions

Ever wondered why most successful pro gamblers have their own blogs through which they publish content such as betting strategies, various types of reviews (casinos, online casinos, casino games, casino bonuses, etc.), vlogs, pictures of themselves with stacks of money they won, etc? This is the best way to earn money as a pro gambler – earning affiliate commissions and that is what they do, essentially.

If for example you are searching for a live dealer casino and you happen to find one by clicking through a link featured on a gambler’s blog, chances are they earn commission for referring you, which is not a bad thing at all since the likelihood is that you’ll also earn some sort of signup bonus for having landed on that site through an affiliated referrer.

Both of these pro gambler income streams discussed beyond the primary source of racking up winnings are the preserve of those pro gamblers who seek to make a name for themselves in some or other way, so they naturally then maintain some sort of presence using media such as the web.

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