Eight Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress

Since its launch way back in 2003, WordPress has managed to become the single most popular content management system on the planet.

According to a recent survey conducted by netcraft, the number of total active websites on the Internet is estimated at 172 million and around 37.5 million of these sites are being hosted on WordPress.com. And that means, more than 20% of all self-hosted sites on the Internet use WP.

Because of its power and versatility, WordPress has been a favorite among businessmen from all across the world for quite some time now, and in order to persuade you to start hosting your website on this powerful platform, here are eight reasons why you need to switch to WordPress as soon as possible…

Reason #1: Easy to Install and Use

For starters, perhaps the most well-known perk of WordPress is it’s just how easy it is to use. Even a person with little to no technical knowledge could easily install the platform, build a site and start using it in a matter of minutes.

Reason #2: It’s Pretty Secure

Simply because it’s so popular, WordPress is one of the biggest target for cybercriminals, but the company takes security seriously. Of course, like every other hosting platform, it comes with a set of its own security issues but thanks to the number of security plugins, you can easily bypass them.

Reason #3: SEO-Friendliness

Some of the most popular search engines in the world like Google and Bing actually prefer websites powered by WordPress, simply because its framework is quite easy to crawl and index. As a matter of fact, Google’s Matt Cutts even endorsed the platform and recommended it for business blogging.

Reason #4: The Number of Themes

With WordPress, you can have a professional website, without spending too much money on a professional web designer. In fact, you have literally thousands of different free WP themes at the site’s Theme Directory and even more at commercial sites like Woo Themes and Theme Forest.

Reason #5: Multiple Ecommerce Solutions

If you own an ecommerce retail store, you’ll be happy to know that there is a wide variety of solutions, which will allow you to convert your website into an all-out digital storefront. You have WP plugins such as WP-ecommerce and WooCommerce that will help you start selling your products in an hour or so.

Reason #6: Easy Management

The platform is fully-equipped with an updater for security purposes and it notifies you every time there are new updates available. Also, you can start working with a company like WP Perk that will look after your site for a small monthly fee and allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Reason #7: Complex Features and Plugins

If you ever start feeling like your sites needs some additional functionality, you shouldn’t worry at all, because WordPress probably has a plugin for it.  WP is always progressing, because it was designed to be extended, and that’s exactly what thousands of programmers have been doing for years at this point.

Reason #8: Membership Service

If your fan base start growing over time, WordPress can give you an opportunity to get some additional income by converting your blog into a full-flagged membership website. Nina Cross has an excellent article on the matter at DIYThemes that can help you design an exclusive-membership website.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before, WordPress is constantly getting better. The company is always hiring new, top-notch developers. This will ensure that the company will remain at the top of the game for years to come and the platform will only get better as time goes one.

Moreover, since it’s an open source program, any programmer out there can do his part to enhance the user-experience and help it remain the best content management system on the web. All in all, you can do basically anything you want with the platform so don’t be afraid to switch your business site to WordPress today…

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