How Automation Benefits the Food Industry

Today, automation is implemented in every manufacturing sector including the food industry. It brings the same benefits as in other spheres (e.g. automobile or textile production) speeding up workflows and making them more precise. Applying automation in food processing also reduces the chance of a worker getting injured. On top of it, a machine is way more flexible and never needs a break. Let’s find out what other benefits automation has brought to the industry we all contact every day.

Improved Quality Control and Standardization

Unlike manual workers, robots can’t make a mistake by accident. They also bring a human factor to zero meaning there will be a solid standard for every product produced. Additionally, modern automated food systems are easy to reprogram if you decide to produce new foods or change the recipe.

Increased Staff Safety

The food industry is closely connected with sharp and cutting tools. This can not only lead to cuts and other injuries but also slow down the whole manufacturing process. Installing a continuously operating dicer and slicer can solve this problem. Replacing a human operator with a machine will allow you to focus on manufacturing instead of paying the sick leaves. Choosing our DION robot developed at RIOS is the way to increase your staff’s safety.

Complete Traceability

All manufacturing enterprises require strict control not to let defective goods get on the shelves. Implementing automation in the food industry provides end-to-end traceability and standards realization. Combining this data with analytics and possible production upgrades leads to the following benefits:

  • Your production line gets rid of unnecessary expenses
  • Reduce raw material spending
  • Prevent defects before they occur

Higher Competitive Performance

There are times of year and holidays when a certain group of products can be in higher demand than usual. To cope with increased loading and maintain the same quality level, food process automation is a must-have solution. Other rivals of your sector won’t be able to keep up with the increased production speed with manual workers only.

For information on food delivery, another technology trend shaping the industry, please see the infographic below.

Provided by Chowly – experts in menu optimization

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