How to Hire the Best in the Oil and Gas Industry

With the industry looking healthier than it has been since the beginning of the decade, companies can create attractive finance packages to attract the best young workers and highly trained employees to fill skill gaps. Thus, half of the hiring managers who participated in the GETI survey believe that the best way to attract the right talent to the oil and gas industry is to offer the company higher remuneration and benefit packages.

Organizations are increasingly raising pay rates to attract the best talent, but the next generation of employees wants more than just higher pay; they want to work for companies that have the promise of continued growth and promotion opportunities. In the mining industry, companies that take up a wide range of projects and provide wireline, cementing, well testing, and other oilfield services Alberta or elsewhere, could be in more demand. Such companies may attract top talents from the industry due to their reputation leading to better facilities and services they can provide to their customers.

Having trained employees and implementing proper safety standards is of utmost importance in the oil and gas industry. The nature of work in this industry involves high risks and potential hazards, making it crucial to prioritize employee training and safety protocols. A robust safety culture helps minimize the occurrence of accidents and injuries, safeguarding the well-being of workers and protecting valuable assets.

Investing in comprehensive training programs, regular safety inspections, and the implementation of industry best practices can help these companies significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and their associated consequences. However, in unfortunate instances where accidents do occur, seeking professional advice from an experienced oil rig accident attorney in Texas (or wherever the workplace is located) can provide essential guidance and legal representation to ensure the rights and interests of all parties involved are protected.

Furthermore, a step that oil and gas companies can take to build a reliable talent portfolio is to ensure that employees have clear career opportunities as well as the ability – and inclination – to move into leadership roles where they can take responsibility for enhancing the skills of the next generation. Another strategy for attracting new graduates is for companies to substantially increase their talent through internship programs. Continue to create or improve apprenticeships and similar programs to attract and train new employees with the necessary technical skills.

This is good for companies in the industry and appears to be a stressful time for talent managers in the oil and gas industry, with inevitable resource constraints. A recent survey of prospective oil professionals among more than 100 oil and gas managers in 50 countries by Oliver Wiemans’ subsidiary, Mercer, found that most energy managers expect a significant and growing talent gap over the next five years. Many believe their companies can generate significant profits if they can address talent challenges in the form of higher productivity, lower turnover, higher production and lower operating costs. By mastering hiring technologies and using them to attract a new generation of workers from around the world, the industry will have a constant influx of new talent to ensure its viability for the future.

Packed with the latest data and case studies, an essential program incorporated into your growth strategy will bring you knowledge and best practices from industry peers on how to attract, manage and retain the next generation workforce. Utilize the services of experts from all energy and recruiting sectors, of which Culver oil and gas staffing is a leader. Through their integrated recruitment process, they share their industry vision, talent vision and unique approaches to attracting talent. The spotlight falls on hardening raw materials for new talent, because our industry needs a change of direction in order to be successful in achieving this ambitious goal.

People don’t see the occupation in pipelines the way they did a few years ago. In the oil and gas industry today, it is especially difficult to attract new pipeline talent because of the way people who care about the environment face the past. These business models not only discourage young talent from joining our industry, but some of the seasoned professionals often do not return when the oil markets improve.

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