How to Keep Company Computers Protected from Malicious Attacks

Companies go for automation to make their processes quicker, accurate, and more convenient. For example, a basketball club may have membership management software that lets staff efficiently manage their club membership database, classes offered, schedules, coaches, and reports. Manually doing this can be daunting and time-consuming.

With an automated system, you can find what you need with just a quick search on the program. Since these applications are installed in the office computers, it is essential that these machines remain protected from malicious programs, hackers, and other attacks. With proper security and protection, your information and applications will be safe. Here are helpful ways on how to do this.

Install malware protection

Malicious software or malware includes virus, spyware, and other programs that are designed to steal information and destroy your system. Install programs such as anti-virus and anti-spyware to protect your computer and all applications installed to it, making sure to keep them updated to make the most out of their use. You may want to consult with IT services in Boise or hire local IT services to help with this installation and monitor any suspicious activity that may pop up.

Use complex password

Employees must use a password that is difficult for others to guess, to prevent them from gaining access to their accounts. Avoid using something that contains information that can be guessed easily like their name or birthday. Of course, it must still be one that they can easily remember to avoid the inconvenience of having to reset it all the time.

Have proper access control

An access control system will limit the access of specific computers, applications, or areas to those who are only authorized to see or use them and this will prevent unwanted access or usage. Plus, it will also prevent human errors that may damage the system as only the right people will be given access.

Always lock computers when leaving the station

Even if the machine requires a username and password, if the employee leaves his station without locking it, others may still use it without their consent or knowledge. Make sure that your employees are aware of this simple yet effective practice of securing their computers.

Install firewalls

A firewall must be installed on your router and computer, as it will help you avoid attacks from hackers that are trying to access your system. Operating systems also have a built-in firewall, but be sure that they are enabled and up to date.

Beware of phishing sites and email

Do not access sites or applications that are non-business related. Some sites look legitimate but are designed to steal information to unsuspecting users, being also true with e-mails. Do not open an e-mail or click any link from unknown senders, as this can lead to information theft.

Employee education is vital to keep your system secured because they are the end-users. Include this in your orientation so they will be aware as soon as they start working for the company. There should also be consequences if they fail to follow your security procedure so they will take it seriously.

The safety and protection of your system is an essential matter in the operation and success of your company. Failure to protect it may result in a huge loss in your business.



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