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Smartphones Have Become a Basic Part of Our Lives

You’re probably aware of the benefits smartphones have brought to personal life, way beyond some leisurely pursuits like betting it up on your favourite PayPal casino. But smartphones are making it more convenient for seniors to stay connected. In fact, smartphones are helping older adults stay in touch with their loved ones more than any […]

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Resources and Tips for Budding Applications Developers

As the need for new technology grows, so does the need for efficient coding. More businesses than ever are looking for effective python consulting services to improve their business operations, freelance or independent coders are making a good living from their coding abilities, and the number of jobs available to coders is only going to […]

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The Divide Between the Technical and Sales Teams

Should the technical team working on building the core components of the product collaborate with the sales team? That’s the question that Eric Schadt, associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at Cornell University, tackles in his book Dealing with Data: Myths, Realities, and Design Patterns that Make Sense of Big Data. He says that […]

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