Repair or Replace? What to Do If Your Laptop Keyboard Malfunctions

A computer cannot operate without instruction. Your keyboard and mouse are the two methods with which you can tell a computer what to do. So without a keyboard, a computer or laptop becomes impossible to use.

Sometimes, you can easily fix keyboard issues, but others, it’s faster and cheaper to replace your machine, especially if it is a laptop. A computer repair expert can help you determine whether your keyboard malfunction means your laptop is at the end of its rope or if you can repair it relatively easily at an affordable price point.

Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broken

Every day accidents, human error, and normal wear and tear all can cause keyboard issues. If you use your machine for both work and personal reasons, the number of causes for your keyboard issues can increase. Here are some typical keyboard issues that you may come across-some require repair or replacement, but some just need a little trial and error.  

  • The Buttons Sticking as You Type– This can happen because of debris caught in the spaces between the keys. It commonly happens to users who eat snacks while on their computer. You can try to dislodge the debris by blowing in between the keys, tilting the keyboard, or buying keyboard duster spray.
  • Some Letters Won’t Type– This can also be because of debris in the keyboard or a broken key. You only need to properly clean the keys to fix the problem. On the other hand, broken keys require the keyboard to be opened up and fixed; a professional is better suited for this.
  • Numbers Won’t Type– It can be caused by the numbers lock key function. To disable the function, press the number lock key again.
  • Letters are Typing Numbers- This can also be because of the numbers lock key; press it again to fix the problem.
  • Typing Over Letters- while typing, you may realize that you are typing over words instead of in-between words. You might’ve accidentally pressed the Insert button. Press it again to fix the issue.
  • Keyboard Keys Aren’t Functioning–  This can sometimes happen due to low battery on some devices, so plug it in or charge it. It can also occur because of damage to the keyboard components. If the keyboard components were damaged by liquid or impact, it’s best to call in the professional to open and fix it.

Common Causes of Keyboard Issues

You can generally group keyboard issues into hardware, software, and setting issues. Hardware issues refer to physical impediments or damage to the keyboard. It includes debris, spilled liquids, aging components, or accidentally dropping your keyboard. Fixing hardware issues is easier if you have the right equipment and skills to do so.

Software issues involve how the computer interprets input from the keyboard. For example, the keyboard layout chosen will interpret each key differently for each language. So if you type something and a different alphabet appears, then you need to change the keyboard layout preferences back to your desired layout.

Some settings or configurations are on the keyboard. So if you press them by mistake or forget to reset them, your keyboard will not function as you expect. Look through your keyboard settings to ensure that you haven’t missed any of these settings. If you still can’t find the issue, maybe look for services for laptop and computer repair lufkin tx or one near your location. A professional can have a better understanding of such matters and can provide you with guidance.

Identifying What’s Wrong with Your Keyboard

Try as you might, sometimes it’s not easy to determine why your keyboard isn’t working. If you need your computer in working condition as soon as possible, it may be easier to call a professional to help you determine if you can fix your keyboard issues on your own.

A professional has the tools and expertise to provide laptop keyboard repair services. The repair service can go beyond what you can do at home.

Determining if Your Keyboard Issue is Fatal

Some keyboard issues are easy to fix, such as cleaning sticky keys and turning off numbers lock so you can type numbers again. But there are some scenarios where you would have to weigh between fixing the issue, getting a new keyboard, or a new laptop.

Some keyboard issues may be caused by old or damaged software that may be costly to fix or unable to resolve. Whether your keyboard issue is hardware or software related, a professional can more easily tell if your keyboard issue is a sign that you need a new laptop.

The Key is to Repair Before You Replace

The keyboard is an integral part of the computer. Sadly, it can malfunction or act up like any other component. Fortunately, most issues are simple; if not, then there is always professional service.

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