Smartphones Have Become a Basic Part of Our Lives

You’re probably aware of the benefits smartphones have brought to personal life, way beyond some leisurely pursuits like betting it up on your favourite PayPal casino. But smartphones are making it more convenient for seniors to stay connected. In fact, smartphones are helping older adults stay in touch with their loved ones more than any other technology on the market. About 70 percent of older adults own smartphones and 60 percent use them at least once a day. It’s much more convenient for seniors to use smartphones for online research, banking, grocery shopping, instant messaging, or social networking. Most seniors rely on email for daily communication and it’s the main tool they use to communicate with family members.

Seniors are getting on social media and they’re posting photos of themselves, chatting with loved ones, or updating others on their health or their place of employment. There is a community out there full of seniors who are sharing their lives with social media. I’m sure they’re enjoying the ability to share their photos and stories with others, but they’re also able to keep up with friends and family and enjoy a social life once again.

In addition to the social aspects of smartphones, there is an opportunity to connect seniors to businesses, charities, and personal resources that will enrich their lives. It’s a more personal interaction when your phone rings. It’s harder for seniors to ignore or ignore calls than it is for younger people. Younger people often have many distractions and don’t always look at their phones. It’s too easy to disregard a phone call, even if it’s for a personal matter.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though as smartphones can have adverse effects on our health if we’re not careful. The smaller screens are causing an increasing number of people to need glasses as they’re straining to read their screen. On top of this, they’re also ruining our posture as we’re constantly craning our necks to type. The blue light that the screens reflect is also a big issue as it makes it much more difficult to get to sleep. Your eyes aren’t good at blocking blue light which isn’t good because it blocks a hormone called melatonin that makes you sleepy. To combat this, people are buying CBD products from places like Pure Hemp Farms, using their phones less in the evening, and using blue light blocking filters.


In addition to bringing people together through social media, smartphones provide an easy way to connect people to businesses. You can quickly check in on personal interests or locate places where you can meet with others to enjoy a fun outing. For example, you can purchase tickets online to enjoy a play or attend a meeting on your mobile device. By clicking a link from a smartphone app or website, you can easily purchase tickets. The app also provides additional information and other resources for your event.

If you’re hosting a virtual lunch, you can use your phone to order a pie or a cup of coffee. With some smartphones, you can order ahead and the mobile ordering system will create a special meal that you can serve to your guests. It’s very convenient.

You can also post photos or other personal information on social media and search online for specific keywords that provide more information. Many social media sites and apps make it easy to find information or items you’re looking for, such as job listings, charitable organizations, hobbies, etc. It’s convenient and allows you to stay connected to your friends and family.

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Smartphones are just one piece of the growing technology puzzle that is helping seniors maintain and improve their health. Smartphones are already making a huge difference for older adults and they’re going to get much better in the future.

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