The Anatomy of a Good Betting App

Since I’m not a coder myself (have a team of developers whom I work with), when I write a tech review of any device or app I use, I do so from the point of view of the end-user. So in my review of the anatomy of a good betting app, using a real world example of course, I’m going to discuss some of the features the average end-user would and should look for, so my back-end geek hat comes right off…for now.

So what goes into a good betting app? Let’s find out, taking into account the William Hill Apps available for your current device either the iOS or the Android version as the subject of our case study.

Downloading & Installation

When most consumers think about downloading an app, they usually search public apps platforms like Google Play and the Apple iOS App store, but if we’re dealing with a betting app which is an extension of an online betting platform, the best way to download would be straight from the operator itself. This is because specialised apps such as betting apps should have special installation instructions which are slightly different to regular apps like gaming apps, but it should be straight-forward to follow these instructions.

Functionality & Features

A good betting app isn’t about the app itself at all, but about what it allows you to do, which is placing bets. So it should be simple in its features and functionality, with clearly defined inputs that the user can use to simply place bets, add funds to their account, check results and withdraw funds/winnings. That can definitely be said about the Sportsbook William Hill app as well as have their own bingo app. Sportsbooks have definitely been an area of growth in the gambling industry, with hundreds of new apps and websites available. Because of the different options available, it can be hard to find the right one so an app having features that make it stand out is essential if they want to be success full. There are websites, like, which review the different sportsbooks so that it is easier to find the best ones.

In-App Advertising

A good betting app should probably not have any in-app advertising, especially if that advertising would lead to a third-party advertiser. That’s certainly not the case with this app – it is after all a betting platform over which the money is made through bets placed and the outcomes of the games on which the bets are placed. Some of the sites even offer a sportsbook sign up bonus every time a new player signs up. As a gambler, you might also get certain bonuses that could be redeemed when the new player reaches a rollover. Hence, you may want to do a bit of research before signing up to place any bets online.

Device Compatibility

Great betting apps always bear the feature of having the same operability across all devices on which they’re used, so if you were to use the app on an Android device for example and compare it with how it looks and operates on an iOS device, there shouldn’t be too many differences, if any at all. Responsiveness is the name of the game here, which brings things back to consideration of the app simply being built to complete a specific, main function.


Next to the functionality, this is perhaps the most important feature of a betting app, quite simply because there is real money involved here. When you’re funding your betting account, your payment details would have to be transmitted over a secure connection, so too when you’re withdrawing your winnings – a rather notable feature of the William Hill apps which make up the subjects of our case study.

Above all else however, the anatomy of a good betting app is comprised out of all of these mentioned elements which come together to deliver a seamless user experience, so thumbs up all round.

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