The Different Types of Gamers in 2018

Gaming has come a long way since the days of those games which came on cartridges that you had to blow clean of dust in order for them to work again. You can of course find sites that sell used video games like that online if that’s your thing, but don’t ignore the fact that there are much richer interfaces and gaming that can take place exclusively online as well, so it’s worth taking a deeper look at the types of gamers in existence today.

The Casual Gamer

Casual gamers often own just one gaming console or they perhaps do their gaming on the PC when they really feel the urge taking over once in a blue moon and they won’t go crazy over things like getting the latest graphics card, getting a memory card for their console or even saving their games. The casual gamer truly enjoys gaming once in a while, but they really get into it when the time comes for some gaming fun.

The Social Gamer

Social gamers are a lot like casual gamers, except they only really get into a game when the social situation calls for it. For example if you’re a social gamer you probably wouldn’t even own your own gaming console, and if you did then it probably wouldn’t be the latest model out. The social gamer likely only jumps on a game at a friend’s house who might be into gaming. So, if you were an avid gamer and decided to host your friends while playing Rust, the social gamer friend of yours would probably be up for it only then.

The Competitive Gamer

This is when gaming starts to get a bit serious. Competitive gamers still play games for fun mostly and they truly enjoy gaming, but they really get into it and invest a lot of their money along with their time into their gaming exploits. The competitive gamer could assume the figure of somebody who is said to “live online” so as to maintain top-server status or something along those lines which is obtained by spending a lot of gaming hours online. They have the latest and best equipment at their disposal as well and are often the target for in-app purchases of digital resources such as weapons upgrades and the likes.

The Semi-Pro Gamer

Semi-pro gamers like to enter gaming competitions that often have an entry fee but offer some prize money and they do this with relative regularity. Semi-pro gamers are like competitive gamers in a way, except there’s a little bit more of an emphasis on making money out of the gaming fun they enjoy as opposed to just spending money all the time. A semi-pro gamer might visit gaming expos to hear about the latest strategies and the likes, just so they can sharpen their skills and become better. For instance, these gamers might be interested in collecting the best sorceress build in d2r or similar popular ones. Hence semi-gamers are a lot more into gaming than social or competitive gamers.

The Professional Gamer

Professional gamers either get paid to test and play games or they earn some money by reviewing the games they play. Another type of pro gamer would be someone who would have a peek at this site as a potential online slots and tables platform to add to their selection of betting sites they apply some sort of strategy to in order to walk away with net winnings at the end of each allocated period of gaming. They basically make a living out of their gaming exploits, whatever flavour of gaming that may be.

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