Why Upgrade to Microsoft 365? 7 Reasons That Will Help Convince Your Clients

You already know that Microsoft, in general, is widely used in businesses, as well as features like Sharepoint for the organization and management of businesses – visit https://kwizcom.com/blog/good-sharepoint-dashboard/ for more information. It’s no secret that Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite with awesome integrated features that can help drive the business forward. But, your clients probably don’t understand the potential. To them, Microsoft 365 might seem like an unnecessary upgrade. Something they don’t need right now, or that they can invest in down the line.

You know better, though. Microsoft 365 is an important upgrade that has the potential to transform businesses for small and medium-sized companies. Investing at Microsoft 365 helps companies not only optimize their IT and business planning efforts, but provide improved security and a streamlined administrative network.

So, if you want to accelerate both your and your clients’ services, we have prepared a list of reasons you can use to get them on board utilizing the number one solution for enhanced business procedures.

Which of my clients should upgrade to Microsoft 365?

The clients who are going to benefit most from upgrading to Microsoft 365 are small and medium-sized companies. They’re the ones who are growing quickly and most likely will need microsoft office 365 training to help scale operations as they do so.

7 Reasons To Convince Your Clients To Upgrade to Microsoft 365

One-time purchase platform
Microsoft 365 is a worthy investment for your small and medium-sized clients because the technology isn’t going to change or go obsolete on them overnight. It’s important to them that they can get the most out of this suite of services for a long period. So, make sure you emphasize the fact that it’s a one-time purchase platform with automatic updates that will keep their business running smoothly.

Their license is about to expire anyways

If your clients’ current license is about to expire, then the next step should be to upgrade them to Microsoft 365 instead of re-upping their current contract. They’re about to pay for new licensing anyways, so this is the time to convince them to invest a little bit more to get all of the advanced features they can benefit from.

Improved security

As companies grow, security becomes more and more of a focal point. And with data breach crimes on the rise, this threat is all too real for companies, let alone small and medium-sized businesses that are in critical growth phases.

While the Microsoft products your clients are probably already using, boast about their own security and data protection measures, you should emphasize how Microsoft 365 takes them to the next level.

Office 365 offers the microsoft active directory reporting feature which enables the systems to not only protect devices from outside threats like malware and phishing but also secure sensitive information while on a transfer. The upgrade also offers data backup and integration with multiple devices and operating systems, which eliminates the trouble of securing and optimizing all your and your clients’ devices.

Simplified administrative work

The companies you’re targeting for this upgrade are the ones who can benefit from improved administrative work the most. As their workforce expands and their business grows, they’re going to manage more billing, admin work and budget management than ever before.

Microsoft 365 should be the next obvious choice for your clients because it has everything they need, ready to go. For example, there’s a separate administrative portal to monitor users and devices for better oversight as well as an employee onboarding system. Having all these features in one place also eliminates the need for your clients to keep mixing and matching interfaces.

Cost-effective solution

While it is an investment, Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective solution. Thanks to its integrated cloud pack, your clients will get all the software and features that they would have otherwise had to pay an exorbitant amount, if bought separately.

In addition, the system is equipped with the latest security updates and business management trends, which saves them from investing in other interfaces and outer risks. Not to mention, when everything is secured in the cloud, you can be sure that no piece of information will be lost or corrupted – which is really priceless.

Integrated features

Yes, we emphasize comprehensive integration a lot, but only because it’s essential for a result-driven business. An important feature of Microsoft 365 is that alongside all the regular pack apps, it also has additional features that your clients can leverage.

For example, with the upgrade comes 1TB of OneDrive storage, Skype minutes to make calls to landlines, and customer support assistance whenever they have an issue.

Increased productivity

Workplace productivity can be easily interrupted by system failures or lost and tampered information. And as a growing business, your clients can’t really afford downtime. Microsoft 365 cloud solution has them covered – with automated updates, full feature integration, and advanced security measures, your clients can forget about all the trouble.

Another major selling point is that your customers can customize the pack to meet their business flow and automate repetitive operations. As a result, the system saves both you and your clients’ time. And without annoying interferences, you both can fully concentrate on delivering results.

Growth comes from within and starts with Microsoft 365

The main takeaway for your clients should be that with Microsoft 365 they can benefit from improved work efficiency and simplified business operations. Emphasize that if they want to continue growing at pace, and seamlessly, they need to look inwards to operations.

If they’re occupied with system updates, complex billing operations, and tons of administrative work, it’s going to slow them down on more than one business front. At the end of the day, Microsoft 365 is the digital platform they need to streamline operations and continue growing. And by using the points above, you can show them just how true that is.


Pelli Papoulidou has an outstanding 12 years’ experience as a Human Resources manager in leading companies from various industries. She has deep knowledge on strategic and consulting issues, combined with her unparalleled talent of team building. Her passion about people led her to the Customer Engagement department, where she puts her excellent communicational skills into practice and increases customer loyalty. Pelli holds a BSc in Sociology, an M.A. in Human Resources Development and an MBA. Since 2016, as the Marketing leader at interworks.cloud, she has been working with a team of “marketing hackers” as a Scrum Master to shape the global marketing strategy, targeting a B2B niche cloud market.

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