Why You Should Invest in a Paid Media Agency for Social

In order to rise above competition in today’s social-media oriented world, it’s vital you have a strong social media strategy. While a strategy focused on organic reach is good, given the fierce competitive nature of social media, it can be a risky move. To guarantee your content is seen by those who are interested, you should integrate paid social media into your strategy. By hiring a paid media agency, you can ensure your paid strategy is seamlessly integrated into your overall social strategy.

The organic reach of social media networks is rapidly decreasing, particularly on Facebook where brands are only able to reach valuable audiences through paid media. Even on Instagram and Twitter, brands have reported dwindling organic reach. Brands can’t just rely on consumers to pay attention to their social media campaigns; to increase engagement and reach they need to invest in paid media. On the plus side, boosting engagement with paid media will create a knock-on effect that increases organic reach too.

As the importance of paid social marketing continues to grow, social platforms all offer clear metrics and data to accurately measure your performance. You can view Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Click (CPC) and your overall Return on Investment (ROI) clearly to ensure your paid media strategy is working as it should be. When it comes to data, if you were looking for solutions to then help you figure what the next best step for you will be, you could check this out to see if this offering from Epsilon could become part of your business technology.

Even though paid media guarantees your content will be seen by social media users, you still need your content to be tailored and relevant to your audience. This includes creating content in the media format they find most engaging and entertaining, and creating the content for the platforms your audience most frequently uses.

Thankfully, social platforms have made it easy for brands to target new customers within desired audience demographics when using paid social media. Most platforms offer in-depth and highly specific audience targeting options within their user databases. For example, Facebook offers over 1,500 data points to select from.

The criteria can be so specific, you can set up your campaigns to only target users within a specific income level or those who live within a certain radius. In addition, you can create campaigns that only target followers, previous customers or those who have previously bounced from your website. By selecting the parameters of your ad targeting, you can ensure your ads will be shown to users that are most likely to click or engage with them. You could then measure the roi of paid ads and then reset your parameters, if needed.

When using paid media, you can learn a huge amount about your target audience. While social platforms offer data on organic content, the insights from paid media are significantly more in-depth. With paid media insights, you can see which type of paid media works best, compare how paid media performs compared to the organic content, the types of promotions that result in the highest engagement, and find an accurate representation of what your social media audience looks like demographics wise.

When working with a paid media agency, you make sure your paid media is designed to guarantee the best possible results from the beginning. Paid media agencies have experience and the understanding required to run successful ad campaigns across all key social platforms. Paid media agencies can seamlessly integrate paid content into your organic strategy. This means that when a targeted user discovers your paid content, they will be able to go to your social page and find more organic content to engage with.

Creating paid ads on a platform you already have a presence on will be more impactful than activating paid media on a platform you have just joined. While you will still benefit from paid ads, either way, you might as well make the most of the audience you already have.

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