6 Ways Power BI Automation Delivers Greater Intelligence ROI to The Enterprise

Not many individuals or businesses consider intelligence an asset, but that quickly changes when an operation learns that intelligent maneuvers and actions result in significant bottom-line improvements. Astute companies quickly learn to grasp and embrace intelligence ROI and are certain to focus sufficient resources and attention to achieve greater profits. Utilizing the right resources like Cognillo can help a business build on what they already have to create a stronger output with their work potentially bringing in more clients.

Fortunately, any business owner or executive can master and implement the idea of intelligence ROI, turning it to profitable uses by accurate and timely enterprise reporting through Power BI report automation.

This holds especially true as we evolve into a world relying more on the Internet of Things (IoT); with a variety of devices, intelligence has plenty with which to work and inform, providing the fuel to drive the devices and their owners to greater successes. 

With an estimated 50 billion-plus IoT devices already engaged, rest assured this segment of business tools is bound to continue its rise in value and presence; consider BI the octane which fuels those devices to help businesses grow impressively faster.

Improving Intelligence ROI through PBRS

Business intelligence begins with the people behind the operations. Those who better define their needs and goals are more likely to meet them, but those who know how to monitor and report on such progress, while also delivering ongoing guidance and recommendations, find reaching their targets easier than ever before. Consequently, those groups devise more challenging goals and find richer rewards for their effort.

These same people also look to Power BI reporting to rev up their intelligence engine and all for good reason. Recognized by many business leaders as their #1 SSRS and Power BI Reports scheduler, this intuitive software has been intelligently developed and designed to empower profit-conscious enterprises through the automation of filters, distributions, and deliveries of SSRS Power Reports and dashboards, both in the cloud and on-premises. Such versatility results in motivated sales teams, inspired prospects, satisfied customers, and thrilled stakeholders of the enterprise invested in obtaining the highest intelligence ROI imaginable.

Power BI Reporting Delivers These Six Successful Streamlined Initiatives

Through continued use and growing familiarity, owners and executives will discover ever more features and benefits that Power BI reporting can offer their own operations. Some investments require significant time and effort before returns can be measured, but any new PBRS user will find six powerful uses right out of the box, all of which can immediately yield measurable and valuable returns. This swift onboarding process is a major reason why many business leaders remained so impressed and committed to PBRS for automated and powerful reporting and guidance.

Consider these streamlined initiatives which can be intuitively developed and distributed with a minimum of training:

  • Cost Reductions – Power BI report automation can anticipate needs and satisfy them before a situation turns into a crisis; equally valuable is its ability to free employees from repetitive and error-prone tasks better suited for machines, enabling your workforce to focus on more profitable and inspiring activities 
  • Data Transparency – the mere collection of information is insufficient; identifying and understanding interrelationships between data stacks and sharing such connections points to an organization in control of its vast data banks and profiting from them
  • Minimized Risks – intelligent analyses can point out weaknesses and potential liabilities within an operation, giving business leaders the opportunity to reduce risks that could jeopardize client relationships, incur additional expenses, or weaken future revenue possibilities 
  • Optimized Performance – thanks to the ability of PBRS to create and deliver accurate and timely reports, your sales force will consistently and significantly remain ahead of its competitors in the race to succeed and dominate the marketplace
  • Strategic Control – there is nothing worse than working in the dark; with PBRS, it’s as if a bright and focused searchlight is constantly scanning the horizon, pointing out what is working and delivering solid solutions for nonproductive or costly activities 
  • Sustainable Growth – through intelligent and informed prioritization, with regular metrics and goal attainment reports included, company growth is not a haphazard event affected by conditions outside the control of key players but is instead a carefully plotted path to success and expansion

Once a business gets on board with PBRS, its road to goal attainment becomes clearer and the journey swifter and more eventful. It is the ultimate business intelligence tool that can deliver:

  • Custom Schedule Frequencies – select daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or any custom frequency desired for each report
  • Multiple Report Schedules – choose from single, package, automated, or event-based schedules
  • Numerous Destinations – send reports via disks, email, fax, folders, FTP, SMS, and more common devices
  • Various Output Formats – including but not limited to CSV, DOC, PDF, RTF, TIF, and XLS file formats

You can also create custom tasks and define workflow automation (and even add automation in customer service), respond to event triggers, and accommodate growth with its scalable and administrative strengths.

Once behind the wheel of this profit-driver, the convenience and valuable insights lead many to realize there is no turning back. Manual processes cut across profitability and efficiency. Especially since automated processes help ensure that intelligence arrives where you need it when you need it.  

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