Advantages and Disadvantages of data SIM-only deals

Data SIM-only deals are one of the most popular mobile deals today. A data SIM-only deal one that only has data, minus the calls and texts. You can pay for it monthly for a long or short contract, depending on your needs. For those who change their phones regularly, they are the perfect solution to network flexibility and affordability. The money-saving aspect of them is what makes them so appealing as compared to the other plans offered by most providers. They include SIM + credit or SIM + Plan. Some of the companies that offer the best deals in data SIM-only include Sky, Vodafone, 3 Mobile, BT Mobile, amongst many others. Advantages include:

  1. Cost Efficiency

With these SIM cards, the pay as you go data bundles is way cheaper as compared to the other plans. You have the freedom to choose which package suits you best, and if you find that your usage exceeded the limit, you are free to purchase some more. It doesn’t limit you to the data you can use, making it difficult for you to upgrade when you surpass the limit. You pay as you go. Sky has some amazing deals on the pay as you go platform you should consider checking out.

  • Flexibility

With monthly bundle plans, it doesn’t tie you to a long-term contract. No one wants to commit to the same amount for more than a year. Things change all the time; therefore, you need a plan that can offer you the flexibility to change with the times. You get to choose the allowance you want each month, and the options available are suitable to all individuals, from those who use little data to the heavy users.

  • Same great network

The network benefits that come with data SIM-only deals are just as great as any other deal. You can access 4G internet speeds anyway, like any other data user from any different plan. It does not come at an extra cost. You see again, cost-benefit after cost-benefit.

  • Retaining your existing number

Getting data SIM only deals doesn’t mean that you have to get a new number unless you want to. You can remain with your current digits by contacting your current provider with the request. They will then furnish you with a Port Authorization Code (PAC). With that code, you can contact your new data SIM-only provider and quote the number the new SIM card comes with. Give them your PAC, and they will sort you out.

However, as with anything under the sun, there are always some disadvantages. Cons on data SIM-only deals include:

  1. Expensive handsets

Since you’re getting your handset separately from your SIM by yourself and not a contract, you’ll part with a hefty amount at a go

  • Locked handsets

Some providers lock their handsets to their network. Therefore, it is difficult for you to use their handset with another SIM provider. Unlocking it is usually in most cases free of charge, but some providers levy a certain amount of fee.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons to moving to data SIM-only deals; however, keep the disadvantages in mind while making your decision.

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