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Parents who are raising kids in the modern era have it tough in many respects, not least of which source of parenting difficulty is just how much of a role technology plays in our lives. You get a three-year-old – a friggin’ three-year-old who doesn’t even know what all the names of the basic shapes are and basically doesn’t have anything close to a decently-formed vocabulary yet and yet they can unlock your Smartphone and search for some of their favorite games to play!

Spare a thought for the modern day parents further, quite simply because in addition to children practically born with a technical sixth sense, you now also get the likes of YouTube sensations who basically just make a killing producing what are sometimes really stupid videos! This is what kids are subjected to the whole time and these sorts of things send out a message to them that basically you can just mess around in a few directions until you find something which goes “viral” and bam, you’re instantly rich and perhaps even famous to a certain extent.

I guess though there are some positives to this because now it means children who aren’t particularly gifted academically are doomed to a life of slaving away for those whose academic gifts opened the kinds of doors for them which have them in positions of high authority. I mean someone who got straight A-s at school isn’t necessarily the best person to manage a team of employees, is he/she?

So one of the many push-backs modern-day parents have to deal with today though is that of how dressings-down like “you won’t amount to anything playing video games all day” are now obsolete, so they have very little to draw on by way of trying to instill some will into their growing kids. Video game jobs are growing and they can be achieved through pretty much any screen, there are even games that pay real money to those that make it their career. Times are changing.

Heck, there’s even an American reality show about this sort of thing, where people suddenly become rich, one of which featured subjects was a sub-eighteen school kid who made a lot of money playing mobile casino games, get this – in class while the teacher was teaching!

Now obviously stealing your parents’ credit card to register on an online casino platform isn’t condoned, but what do you think this boy’s parents said when they found out he’d made close to a million playing online casino games with his mobile phone, having used his parents’ credit card?

So the truth is these days pretty everything can be monetised, including and especially gaming. This goes beyond online casinos where you pretty much have to develop a winning strategy as opposed to what many people perceive to be luck, permeating the likes of professional game testing. Yes, you can get paid to test games for bugs and stuff like that prior to them getting released and also on an ongoing basis in order to identify any bugs which have been commercially released with the retail version of the games so that the developers can release patches and updates if needs be.

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