How Innovation is Driven by the Casino Industry

It’s perhaps an open secret that some of the best technology which comes into being often comes from a military need, developed in the name of ideas such as national security, but perhaps even more accurately so in the name of the likes of espionage and gaining a military advantage. What is perhaps not so widely known is that the gambling industry as a whole and even the casino industry in particular do more than their fair share in contributing towards technological innovations.

In fact, many technological innovations which are otherwise written off as fads of some sort often look towards the casino industry for some salvation, usually going on to get a new lease on life and get further developed through a demonstration of some potential many other industries perhaps didn’t quite see clearly.

Live Video Streaming

Streaming videos live is perhaps one of those pieces of tech which we take for granted in this day and age, particularly those who aren’t quite clued up about what it actually takes to make live streaming online happen. Basically it’s a matter of being able to transmit large quantities of data over an internet connection using the infrastructure which breaks all that data up into “packets,” sends those tiny packets of data over the World Wide Web and then puts them back together to display what you would view as nothing but a video on your web browsing software or mobile device application. Now spare a thought for the likes of the company which was the precursor to the likes of YouTube and Vimeo – this amazing technological feat was something which they had to achieve with very limited resources to work with.

Internet speed was extremely slow back then and an unstable connection was pretty much the order of the day. It seems almost impossible to imagine that these days, thanks to great high-speed service providers like rise internet, but some of us will remember the days of dial-up internet and download times that were hours (yes, plural) long for something that, these days, can be downloaded in minutes.

That said however, we had to start somewhere, but a very big driver of the development of this type of technology is none other than the online casino gaming industry. It’s one thing just getting it right by way of making sure you can deliver a live-streamed video online in reaction to the many server requests the networking infrastructure would naturally receive, but it’s something else altogether when you take all of this into account in the context of an online casino, where live video streaming entails live casino video games in which real money is involved. Whether in terms of real-time engagement, branding, navigation tools, or having a common dashboard, the gaming industry tends to rely on technology and their service providers such as Goldcast ( and the like.

Any and all vulnerabilities could very well cost all parties involved a lot of money, so the technology has had to be made robust and solid for this particular industry.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Just as with many other technological developments, Virtual Reality (VR) and perhaps its little brother Augmented Reality (AR) had failed to truly capture the imagination once the novelty had died down. Online casino gambling with VR has made for somewhat of a saving grace for this technology in that this is the one industry which is perhaps demonstrating the full potential of what VR is all about in practice.

Now just imagine VR live video streaming casino events!

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