New Gamingansen Gameplay Showcase to Take Place in London

Welcome to the world of Gaming 2021. From June through August, you’ll find the UK’s very first London Game Show. Organizers say this is a chance for the games and technology companies in the city to come together to create a showcase of new games and tech. This time around, they’re calling it a social fair.

Gaming 2021 promises “unprecedented access and unrivalled opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors.” There will be more than 200 exhibitors attending. These companies include leading game developers, brands, game system integrators and other manufacturers. This is a chance to get closer to the people who create the future of gaming. Exhibitors can expect to have free marketing and networking opportunities, VIP access, networking opportunities with industry insiders and giveaways from leading companies including Google, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

The official Gaming 2021 site promises that the event will be packed with fun. “We’ve got all the technical expertise from industry leaders, gaming experts, gaming research experts and mobile technology specialists. We’ve got the very best food and wine from some of the finest restaurants in the world as well as the very best video game entertainment presentations and tournaments,” they state. In addition to the exhibitor list, keighley is also hosting two “Gambling Extravaganza” events. One will take place at the London Toy and Model Exhibition at the NEC Gallery in Keighley, and the other will take place at the Theatre National in central London.

For those planning to attend the Gaming 2021 festivities, keighley has issued official confirmation of the exhibitor listing, which can be found on their official website. To be considered for the exhibitor list, you must comply with the following criteria: you need to exhibit a booth with all required equipment, including: computers and peripherals, a television, two stereo systems, one mobile phone and one laptop/tablet computer. Please note that all visitors are required to sign a blank exhibitor consent form. If you fail to do so, your registration will be deemed incomplete and will no longer be accepted. You will still be able to enter the competition, however.

Speaking of participation in the Gaming 2021 event, if you plan to join the competitors you will need to submit your application by August 31st. If you have not submitted your application by then, it is unlikely that your registration will be approved. However, if you have submitted your application by the deadline, you may still receive a confirmation email. It is also worth noting that while RGB demo kits are not yet available, there has been an announcement regarding a brand new gameplay showcase.

The new gameplay showcase will take place at a location to be confirmed, though details are still scarce. A press release from the London Games Trade Association has revealed that the new showcase will be run by the London mobile marketing company, WMS. No firm dates have been given for the venue yet, nor any information on who will manage the event. A previous Vancouver event featured a similar interactive showcase, but this one was smaller in scale. In fact, only a few people were invited to take part. This means that the chances of this event being as large scale as the Gaming 2021 conference could be slim.

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