Tech New in 2021

By the time the children of 21 will have their own personal digital assistant it is hoped that technologies like Google Glass, Apple smart phones and Windows will be commonplace in our everyday lives. But what of technology in the future years beyond 21? Will we still have to rely on large desktop computers and laptops? Or will our devices be smaller and more power efficient?

There are already a number of devices on the market that are small, lightweight and virtually invisible, such as Google Glass and Apple’s iPhone and iPad. These gadgets are meant to replace our present range of personal computing hardware. What then will become of technology in the future? Will it still be primarily focused on software and entertainment, or will it be more mechanical?

Already the focus of the tech industry is on software. This means that we can expect more apps, more gaming, and more virtual reality experiences on our phones. Will these new gadgets still rely on the user’s computer for storage and running? Or will they go completely mobile?

Perhaps the most likely scenario is that all interaction will take place online. That is, say your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. What will you do? Well, luckily there is already an incredibly popular tech company called nuTonomy which has already developed a robotic vehicle that will drive you around the city in its behalf using its onboard sensors and GPS.

In order to use your car and get to your destination you just need to plug it into a USB port. The robot will then navigate its way through the city, avoiding traffic jams using on-board sensors to determine how fast it needs to be to arrive at your destination. Will this future gadget also have a camera on board that takes pictures and videos, or will it simply record your journeys? How about the luxury gadget that will allow you to have a virtual personal assistant to help you with your daily tasks? This could be particularly useful if you are stuck in a jam and do not want to take your phone with you.

There are many more tech advances in mind, such as holographic smart glasses and even possible hair replacement. Will humanity eventually have to share the sky with robots? It may sound like science fiction now, but in the not too distant future you might have an artificially intelligent dog who can walk you around the house while it chats to you on its radio. Even though some of these future tech gadgets are probably still a little ways off, they will undoubtedly be a lot closer than you think.

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