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Companies Use Basic Technology and Tools to Go Global

Companies may use domestically based agents operating on a commission basis (called “goods”) or dealers selling the company’s products on international markets (“extracted goods”) before they become internationally active. However, these companies must be able to distribute the products themselves, which they can do through local distributors in the US, Canada and Europe, as well […]

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Technology That Can Help Your Cannabis Dispensary Thrive

Due to the fact that the brain alters chemical compounds in marijuana, CBD, THC and tetrahydrocannabinol, a Colorado company has decided to sequence the DNA of the plant with CRISPR technology. They are trying to understand the benefits this offers the human body and the potential to use CRisPR gene editing to grow marijuana, which […]

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Smartphones Have Become a Basic Part of Our Lives

You’re probably aware of the benefits smartphones have brought to personal life, way beyond some leisurely pursuits like betting it up on your favourite PayPal casino. But smartphones are making it more convenient for seniors to stay connected. In fact, smartphones are helping older adults stay in touch with their loved ones more than any […]

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