Review – Headset Turtle Beach XO4 (Xbox One) Headset

XBox One Headset review

If you’re looking for a new gaming headset, then I’m sure you’ve found that Google and Amazon aren’t really the best at helping. With the gaming industry being as popular and as large as it is, there are many great companies that provide every bit of equipment that you’ll need to play your games. Some of these will even provide customized gaming controllers such as SCUF Gaming that can be found at Of course, with so many options available, it is difficult to decide which accessories to go for and hard to know which company will give you the best value for your money.

One of the names you will find when it comes to gaming headsets is ‘Turtle Beach’. Turtle Beach manufacture headsets for most platforms for gaming. Although they can get on the pricier side, the XO4 for Xbox One goes for around 70 nowadays although when it was first released, it was priced at 150.

The headset itself is rather versatile, it comes with an adapter for your console controller giving you more control over how the headset works during gameplay (mute, volume up, voice up) which is something that not many other headsets do as standard. It’s durable, which means it will stand the test of time, even if you are prone to throwing it around as you rage quit your game! It’s casing is a thick plastic that feels rather clunky but isn’t too heavy making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The leather headband doesn’t cut into your scalp and the large speakers really surround your ear comfortably.

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The sound quality and microphone quality is what you’d expect for 70, it is pretty decent. The XO4 comes with a bit of a surprise, the flexible microphone can actually be removed so that the headset can stand alone as a pair of headphones. Although good quality, the portability isn’t great as the headset is very bulky, if you have no other option and are in need of a pair of headphones and you already have the set then by all means, go ahead, but we think investing in a cheaper pair for everyday music listening may be best for you although it is a welcome feature that it can be used with mobile devices as well as the Xbox One.

A few other qualities of the headset that make it worth it’s money is the fact that they are surround sound, really enabling you to be immersed in your game. They are also noise cancelling too, which can become a problem if you’re phone went off 3 hours ago and you still haven’t replied because you didn’t hear it, but it’s good for those kinds of days when you don’t want anything to interrupt you.

Overall the headset is very easy to use, it looks good, with the classic black and lime green design. It works away from console as a pair of headphones or headset if you want to use it for skype. I wouldn’t want to pay 150 personally for the headset but at the lower price of 70 and looking at what’s available on the market, you’re definitely getting value for the money especially with how it deals with general wear and tear and during gameplay.

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