Roman Semiokhin: Tech Transformation in Gambling and Gaming

When the rise of multiplayer games started in the 1990s, no one could have imagined that professional, multiplatform esports would one day challenge traditional sporting competitions and events.

According to Statista, the global esports market’s value exceeded US $1 billion as of 2021, doubling its growth compared with the previous year. Bearing in mind that esports is a relative newcomer to the global sporting scene, its expansion rate is particularly impressive. Should growth of the sector continue at this rate, esports looks set to eclipse traditional sports within the next decade.

Riding on the coattails of this rapid growth, esports betting is also becoming increasingly popular, with experts predicting that esports betting could soon become the dominant part of the bookmaking sector.

Having launched multiple betting and gaming products in the esports arena, Roman Semiokhin recognizes all too well the factors that differentiate esports betting from betting on traditional sports. He cites the customer experience and technological innovation as key drivers in attracting and keeping punters, indicating that of the biggest advantages of esports lies in the fact that it provides data points that are accurate to the millisecond and captured in an automated fashion. This presents particular potential in football where everything is currently inputted manually, causing a significant delay and taking up a great deal of resources, with only basic data points available in real time.

Technology has transformed the way consumers access the gaming and gambling markets. All over the world today, people use their mobile phones to gamble and play games. In fact, according to data from the Gambling Commission, approximately half of online gamblers place bets via their mobile phone. Meanwhile, a direct correlation has been revealed between gaming industry growth and the popularisation of mobile devices.

Digital innovation has changed the way consumers pay for entertainment today, with gamblers and gamers increasingly able to use Bitcoin and other digital currencies. At the same time, increasingly sophisticated online systems have created advancements in player privacy and website security, helping to keep players’ personal and financial data secure.

Tech can be leveraged in a variety of different ways to enhance betting and gambling experiences. From a customer care perspective, companies are increasingly utilising chatbots to improve online experiences and developing interfaces to make platforms more aesthetically pleasing. Meanwhile, virtual reality and augmented reality provide a far more immersive, engaging and exciting experience, making both gaming and betting more appealing.

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