The Physics behind Television Shows and Movies

My closest friends whom I hang out with the most always tease me about my seemingly paradoxical approach to the types of TV shows and movies I like, because as a geek they’d expect me to be into a lot of the fantasy stuff. I’m the total opposite of that though and of them in this particular regard. When I play video games they have to have an element of realism to them as opposed to it all being based on some unrealistic plot, for instance I’d much rather play the classic Need for Speed Porsche 911 Turbo game than something like Final Fantasy.

I love to watch TV and that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with it. And why not, seeing as we all have access to so many channels and genres of viewing, starting from thriller dramas, and comedy movies to mills and boons and horror documentaries. For me, it all boils down to variety. And TV serves that to on a plate (which is low-key awesome). So, it makes sense to stick to TV!

The best thing is that it also offers celebrity research, which I have a liking towards, so why should I not be an ardent lover of TV? After all, it’s really wonderful and exciting to learn what is jada pinkett smith net worth or what Ryan Gosling’s family life. It’s funny how as audience we are so immersed in their personal lives as well as their characters. I want the physics to work and this spills over into the movies and TV shows as well. For instance, I found Game of Thrones, the series that was new on HBO at the time, and I thought it was brilliant, except for the bit about the dragons…

Anyway, going back to the physics of it all, sometimes it just makes for some good fun to extrapolate on what the script writers have us going with, even if it borders on not quite adhering to the laws of physics at times. While I would have been expected to be thrilled by the prospect of entertaining the technical specs of some futuristic cars featured on screen, I’m rather thrilled at the prospective technical specs of the real cars, which dare I say, I have a real passion for.

Long before I caught wind of the trending #MovieCarRace I always wondered how the cars I’ve seen in movies and on TV shows over the years would fare in a race against each other. I’m particularly a fan of the classic American Muscle Cars, with Dean Winchester’s 1967 Chevrolet Impala coming in as my all-time favourite, from the hit TV Series, Supernatural. I know, I know, it’s a show all about exorcising demons and fighting all kinds of supernatural evils, but it’s very convincing and the car is definitely real!

So it looks like somebody read my mind and I guess the minds of many more people around the world, in the form of LeaseCar UK! The vehicle leasing specialist went and simulated a race between some vehicles featured in movies and which have since become globally recognisable and much-loved.

Although Herbie (1963 VW Beetle) is indeed a personally loved movie car of mine, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations for it to finish anywhere near the top of the standings when the race concluded. I was looking more towards the likes of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder which featured in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the 1976 Ford Grand Torino which featured in Starsky and Hutch and the 1971 Mustang featured in Gone in 60 Seconds. These are in no particular order, but I just thought one of these would win it, in addition to the 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (my money was on this one, actually).

My dislike for fictional props had me not considering the Tumbler, featured in the Batman Dark Knight movie, whereas the 1966 Thunderbird which made an appearance in Thelma and Louis just resonated with me in terms of its styling. I didn’t expect much from it in the way of the outcome of the race.

I should probably mention the little detail that the race was to see which car would be the fastest to hit 60mph, which of course is admittedly just one of many ways through which the race could have been structured.

After seeing the outcome of the race, it looks like I would have won some good money had this been a bet and had I actually put some cash down on the wager!

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