Tips on How to Stay Glued On Your Office Chair for Hours

For most people, work means having to spend an entire day stuck in an office chair. This may sound as pretty easy and simple to some but for people who spend most of the day sitting in an office chair, they know the challenges which come with being stuck in one place for hours. Though it’s a given that you should remain in that chair for as long as you still need a job whether you are an executive, junior staff or a pro gambler gambling at online casinos such as NetBet Casino, there are some tips however that you can employ in order to make the experience less boring and painful (as sitting can lead to back pains).

Get a matching chair and desk

It’s important that you look for a chair and table which match. One of the main causes of back pains from working on an office desk is due to using a chair that may be too low with a desk that is too high meaning you have to constantly lean over in order to get things going. This is a problem for your back and in turn, it affects your productivity hence there is a strong need of getting a chair and desk that match and complement each other.

Pick the right chair

We all have different preferences and this applies also to chairs! When you know that you spend most of your time in the office, you need to pick or choose a chair which makes you comfortable. You do not have to ask for opinions from others but rather, you have to test all the different types of chairs for yourself. Once you manage to get the correct chair that makes you comfortable, you will realise that you will stay glued to your office chair for hours without feeling any back pain. Back pain can be a major problem caused by not having the correct setup for you personally, and you may even have to pay a visit to the chiropractor (and if you’re wondering “What is a chiropractor?“, you can click to find out more) to get the pain sorted so you can get back to feeling comfortable again. Not having the correct setup can actually cause some severe back pain for those sitting for long periods of time, so as well visiting a chiropractor, you can also treat back pain with pain killers or through CBD remedies (such as Organic CBD Nugs). No one wants to get a bad back from simply sitting at work.

Set your monitor properly

Another crucial thing which helps you to stay glued to your screen is by setting your monitor properly. The correct position and the position which makes you comfortable is when the monitor is right in front of you meaning that you are staring right in front of your monitor when sitting in your chair. If you find yourself having to adjust your neck in order to view your monitor, then you are sitting in the wrong chair and/or wrong position. You do not have to look at your screen in an upward fashion neither can you do look at it in a downward position as this will automatically lead to discomfort and back pain.

Change your position

Though you have to remain sitting in your chair, it does not mean that you have to keep in the exact same position all day long. From time to time, change your sitting position, if you have been leaning towards the right, after sometime lean towards the left, then the centre and repeat the cycle once again. By constantly changing your sitting position, your body does not have to endure discomfort in one part.

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