Welcome to the 21st century: the games enjoying a modern twist

Games have always been popular in all sorts of contexts. Whether it’s chalkboard games on the pavement outside the school gates or puzzles on the pages of the morning newspaper, gaming in one form or another has always existed. However, the new development in the gaming world lies in the way many classic games have been adapted for the 21st century: from classics such as Battleship to brainteasers such as crosswords, there are all sorts of modern games that have changed to fit the needs of the contemporary gamer.


Many people who grew up in decades gone by remember playing games such as Battleship. However, while in-person modes of playing have long since been considered old-fashioned, it’s clear that modern games have inherited the spirit of Battleship nonetheless. Many of the modern video games that focus on the role played by war are inspired by the adversarial and fight-based nature of more simple games such as Battleship – and even though video games in this spirit aren’t paper-based like Battleship, the inspiration offered by the first mass war game is clear.

Video Games
Video games were invented in the late 1970s and have continually evolved ever since, becoming a market with its worth in the billions. In the beginning of the industry you were limited to cartridge games for 1-2 systems, now you can get games for your smartphone, cheap PC games and even download a game to your console – no catridge required. With the advent of VR gaming, it’s only a matter of time before we can experience immense fantasy stories as if we were really there, from the comfort of our own sofa!

Casino games

Gambling games such as playing poker on mobile and blackjack used to be activities that you could only partake in if you visited a casino in your local city. However, thanks to the rise of online casino gaming, it’s now possible to do it online. Live casino streams allow players to enjoy the best of both worlds: betting from home is simple and easy, but the excitement of a real-time video stream of a game in action means that gamers are also able to participate in an authentic event.

Word games

Newspapers and magazines have played host to brainteasers such as crosswords and number games for a long time, and there’s no denying that these are a key part of quintessential pen-and-paper games. However, even the humble brainteaser isn’t immune to the march of technology, and in recent years it’s become apparent that word games such as Scrabble can be adapted to internet technology.

The rise of the popular Facebook game Words with Friends reflects this new reality. By replicating the traditional Scrabble board and turning it into an app-based multi-player game played online, this game is just one of many to take on board traditional game formats and transform them for the 21st century in a way that both entertains and fuels the brain.

Gaming has always been popular, but with the advent of the internet, it is changing in nature. From the way in which word games such as crosswords are now available on Facebook at the touch of a button to the trend in video games towards the same sorts of war games that players of Battleship in years gone by would be sure to recognise, it’s clear that the hallmarks of traditional games are still visible to this day.

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