Why Cybersecurity is Important in 2020

When the internet began to reach ubiquity in the homes of people across the world, and in the offices of businesses everywhere, cybersecurity was a key concern. But, in the course of the past twenty years, we’ve seen individuals and businesses reveal their complacency when it comes to their cybersecurity. Data breaches and hacks often hit the headlines, while phishing and other scams are on the rise for individual web users.

As such, this article looks at why cybersecurity remains incredibly important for yourself and your business, which is why you should take a look at Cybersecurity Consulting Services, like those at Fortinet, as well as making sure that you invest in the right practices to avoid damage and harm down the line.

Remote Working

During the COVID019 lockdown, millions of people have been working remotely from home. This will undoubtedly change the business environment forever, seeing as more and more companies will take the step to enable flexible working routines for their staff. The downside, though, to remote working is that a wider range of vulnerabilities open up. Work devices are now used from homes, on personal internet networks.

With these new vulnerabilities come timely next-generation cybersecurity provisions for individuals and businesses. One such provision is the end-point security offered by mcafee.com, which covers all your devices in one package. This means there is no weak spot through which malware or other harmful digital viruses can enter your system, protecting staff when they’re working from home.

Outdated Passwords

The consensus in the security community in the past ten years has been that passwords are no longer enough to protect your digital assets. Indeed, with passwords having been the mainstay of authentication for over two decades, there’s been plenty of time for cybercriminals to play catch-up, leading to a number of high-profile data leaks related to weak passwords and password infiltration.

The solution, where passwords are concerned, is to use other forms of authentication alongside your usual username-password log in. If you’re able to use two-factor authentication for your apps and your devices, you should install them. You and your business should also keep an eye out for the latest tech in authentication – like biometrics – in order to remain one step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Online Behavior

Even if you have a high-quality firewall and a great, holistic cybersecurity program, your network is only as secure as its weakest link. In many cases, that weak link is your personal online behavior, or that of the people that you share your network with. If you’re clicking on spam emails, or visiting harmful websites, you’ll be placing your system under threat.

To counter this concern, you should ensure that everyone in your company – and your family, if necessary – knows about the online harms that can come as a result of online behavior. With everyone around you trained on how to be secure when using the internet, you’ll be less likely to contract a digital virus, experience malware or hacks, or find your IT systems infected in a way that damages your personal or professional life.

These tips are important for all web users to remember, helping you to remain secure when you’re using digital technology in 2020.

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