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There are plenty of different features on our computer that we either aren’t sure what they mean or have no idea how to use them. Even the simplest thing like your web browser can change the way you use your computer and make it easier for yourself when it comes to downloads and buying things online. If you use your computer for work and entertainment there is a nifty feature you can use to do both at the same time, although slightly fiddly (not really, you just may have to find a slider on one of the settings and turn it ‘on’) it really lets you get the most out of your computer.

Picking a good web browser for your needs can really make life easier as well as researching, shopping, and using social media. People tend to hate Internet Explorer, the browser that came preloaded on Microsoft systems as it was slow and plain looking. However, on Windows 10, Microsoft Edge came into play looking simplistic, cleaner, and user-friendly. It wasn’t as slow as its predecessor but it felt a little lacking when it came to toolbars that were allowed to be enabled. Google Chrome is a favorite of many. You can use Edge to find and download it free as an alternative browser if you’re looking cleaner and more functional option. Another Web Browser alternative could be Wave Browser, which could have quality security features inbuilt into the software that can enable you to have a safer web surfing experience. Depending on which style you prefer, all the above-mentioned browsers have their pros and cons; it’s down to your preferences and expectations.

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Extended Display is a feature that enables you to stretch your screen of a fashion so that it projects to another screen. If you have the equipment to do this wirelessly then this is great, especially if you have kids and you want to allow them to watch something on youtube but you need to keep working on other things. You can also use a HDMI cable which can be picked up for as little as 1 at the shop to allow this too, or you can shop around for a higher quality HDMI cable that will do more. Using the F4 button on your keyboard (some models may be different, look for a small icon of a screen) and a side panel appears with screen projection options. Extended projection means that you can shift everything to one side on the laptop/computer screen whilst leaving any videos to the ‘other side’.

Customisation is one of the fun sides of getting something new. There seems to be something a little less personal about a background of a tree that you didn’t take a picture of. Sometimes customization settings can be difficult to find if you don’t know where to look but simply right clicking on the desktop screen will bring a list up and the option of personalization can open up a lot of options. Windows 10 does actually have some nicer pictures to use as backgrounds and some clean and pleasing themes that you can use, however it’s easy to upload your own pictures and choose your own colours to make your computer your own. Instead of it looking like it’s just come out of the factory

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